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Oak Creek Terrace

Oak Creek Terrace is proximate and easily accessibility to neighborhood amenities, including public park, public schools, grocery store, destination retail center, public transportation, pharmacy, and other services. The property is located on the north side of First Street. It opened in March 2016. The property contains a number of mature trees within and outside of the northerly riparian corridor.It is located within an established residential neighborhood with the Creekside Park apartment complex to the east and Napa Creek with single family homes across the creek to the north.

Because this is a family project with a number of younger children, there is a community room with computer work stations. Additionally there are laundry facilities and an outdoor courtyard play area. This arrangement also allows for a picnic and BBQ area to function in conjunction with the community room. Shade structures provide interest to the space and protection from mid-day sun during the summer. The Total Development Cost was $17,540,668.

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Napa Park homes

Another current project is the rehabilitation of Napa Park Homes, a 140 unit HUD Family Preservation Property. The proposed rehabilitation will consist of new plumbing, solar and electrical systems as well as a new community room and complete apartment renovations.


Future Developments

Napa Valley Community Housing's largest site, Garden Court on Lincoln Avenue in the City of Napa, is waiting for further progress on the Napa River project. Development on that ten acre site cannot begin until the flood control work moves up river. That property will create homes for over 260 working families sometime in the near future. We support full federal and state funding for the flood project!

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